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Tap and Fork is a marketing platform created by Restaurateurs specifically for Restaurants, Taverns, food Trucks and Bars. The Tap and Fork system allows the subscribers to create and schedule their ads via the Tap and Fork Ad Builder, add and schedule coupons, create daily posts and more for $1 a day.

Your Marketing campaign is delivered to the public via the Tap and Fork App, a beautifully simple
"App for your Appetite" available for download in both the App Store and Google Play.

Unlike other options available to the consumers, Tap and Fork delivers exactly what you are offering the very day you are offering with no one between you and the consumer. No Contracts, No Cost Per Click and with our 52 day free trial you have the no obligation opportunity to explore what telling customers directly can do for your business.

Easy setup

Creating your account is easy. Simply click on "Sign Up' and enter your information...
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With Tap & Forks Admin App (Available to subscribers) you can...
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Increase Customer Traffic

It's why we created Tap & Fork! Suggestive Marketing is the most....
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Dedicated Support

WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and we are standing by if you need a little...
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Marketing and Ad Department

Tap & Forks Marketing and Ad building team are a click away...
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A Message From Tap & Fork

Using Tap & Fork Effectively

Tap & Fork was developed to allow you to market your business directly to potential customers via the Tap & Fork App. It’s a wonderful platform once you take the short time to master. REMEMBER: This is a Proactive solution intended to help at an effective cost based on the premise that if consumers know it is the business owners providing the daily information they will love it. JUST ASK THEM

AD BUILDER VIDEOS: Before you build your first ad grab a cup of coffee and watch these. They will get you going quickly.

KEEP YOUR AD SIMPLE: Photos and Ad banners with a Headline work best. You know the "Soul" of your business better than anyone, reflect that in your ads!

TRY A COUPON: Want to see if your driving traffic with Tap & Fork? Build and schedule a coupon. Your Coupon will expire when you schedule and your Ad will display the Coupon Icon while it is active.

BUILD YOUR CAMPAIGN: Build up a great bank of Daily Ads and add some quick "Go To Ads". Build a bank of Coupons you can quickly attach and schedule from the Admin App.

SCHEDULE YOUR WEEKLY CAMPAIGN: Set your ads to automatically change during the day if multiple or everyday. Same with Coupons.

GOOGLE "GREAT RESTAURANT ADS IMAGES": Very helpful if you are looking for some inspiration for your ads.

SHORT ON TIME? Our system is actually fun to create and asking a staff member to create a campaign for you can be a great way to allow them to be involved. Need more help? Tap & Forks Custom Shop is at your service to build you a great campaign at a fraction of the normal costs.

POST YOUR AD TO FACEBOOK: Easily post your great looking ads to your business Facebook page with a click and not only look great, drive even more traffic.

ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS AND FEATURES: You write this so keep it short and attractive but tell everyone what makes you great. Use the Posts to further illustrate your feature that day.

PHOTO CAROSEL: Load up yours with great photos of your place and your offerings with the Admin App.

At $7 per week and no contracts we believe the message of "We Built This for You" is pretty self evident. The 52 Day Free trial allows you to actually test Tap & Fork and see if it helps your business BEFORE you even spend $1..We know customers will love it because we asked them. It’s simple, Let’s Go Out, Where do you want to go, Tap & Fork is the ONLYApp that allows you to answer that question directly and daily. We are always standing by !

The next evolution in Restaurant marketing

Welcome to Tap and Fork, the most innovative, comprehensive and cost effective marketing solution for restaurants ever created.

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How we Work

1. Send Us an Email with Images, Logos and User Name and Password and Business Name

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2. Purchase The Service

2 Ads $149.99

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3. Our team will access your account and custom build your ads in your account

4. All you need to do is add your features for each ad via text box or headline schedule and post

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